studio P collaborates with Lippincott on a custom set of tableware

Lippincott, a graphic design firm with offices in NYC, recently renovated their space and was looking for unique tableware to compliment the new decor. Studio P was lucky to have been chosen to create their custom set of dishes. The challenging part of the project was that certain items requested by Lippincott were not yet part of studio P’s ceramic line. The lucky part was that we have been wanting to create the same pieces for a while, but have not had the time, and needed this extra push. Here are the new pieces designed for the project:
The condiments tray holds two salad dressing bottles, and bowls for ketchup, mayo, mustard, etc. Lippincott orders lunch from a few catering places which deliver sandwiches with condiments in small plastic containers. The porcelain bowls easily fit the plastic containers, hiding them in a much nicer presentation.
The labels on the side of the bottles are set in Lippincott’s corporate typeface, Stymie.

studio P configures blogger to look elegantly clean

Agnethe Glatved, a talented art director, was looking for a clean, simple showcase for her work. She wanted to create the site quickly, and to be able to update it easily. Studio P suggested a Blogger blog, modified to suit Agnethe’s visual needs. (Studio P’s website is a Blogger one, too.) The great thing about Blogger is that is is free, and the user interface is very straight forward. Agnethe came up with a design direction, and Studio P implemented it. All in a couple of days. See the results here.

studio P designs the invitation for The Clay Studio’s Spring Gala

studio P designed the invitation, the reply card, a note card enclosure, and envelopes for this rollicking good time spring gala for The Clay Studio in Philadelphia, PA.